adventures at the end of the world


the best thing about us is the people we know.

The List // New Hampshire

Rye Harbor
  • Dairy bar
  • Unidentified exploding noises (I'm told it's the homemade rifle range built by the summer people from New York)
  • Cords of wood stacked like a weaver's pattern
  • "Nobody in Boston ventures north of the 38th parallel."
  • Rooms over attics
  • Farm roads
  • "Massholes"
  • One newspaper for the whole state
  • Patriotic bunting
  • Bicycles with flower baskets on the handlebars as garden decor
  • Wild turkeys
  • Vanity license plates
  • Swaths cut in mountains for powerlines
  • Congregational churches
  • Late afternoon farmers' markets
  • Coneflowers