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The List || Portland, Or.

Swifts, portland, oregon

Portland is:

  • Dahlias
  • Sweaters on trees
  • New station wagons, old trucks, Volvos of every era
  • "Watch out--don't step in the figs"
  • Spiderwebs
  • Food truck pods
  • Overpriced postcards
  • Cheap first editions
  • "It's made right here in Portland"
  • Air that smells either like fries or patchouli
  • Plaid Pantry
  • Old-style playgrounds
  • Cocktails that sneak up on you with curious strength
  • Hoodies, plaids, paunches
  • Topknots
  • Well groomed short hair, poorly groomed long hair
  • Topknots--especially on men
  • Fey blandness that might other places be mistaken for rudeness
  • "I moved here after reading Blue Like Jazz"
  • Dragonfly Chai
  • Scabby faces
  • Jupiter's beard growing in rock walls
  • American Ramblers
  • U bangs
  • Juanita's chips
  • Rain chains (that I thought were Eastern temple bells)
  • Chicken and jojos
  • The swifts

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