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The List || Manhattan, Ny.

8th and 23rd, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York Alternate title: Things I Can't Help But Like About NYC

  • The main branch of the New York Public Library
  • Laundry lines on the roofs over Chinatown
  • The hidden graffiti in subway tunnels
  • The things people put out on their steps for other people to take. It's my favorite way to read The New Yorker.
  • Trains running parallel to each other for a few brief minutes
  • The lost sincerity of street performers
  • The twilight constellation of lights in highrises, coming on one by one like actual stars.
  • The unexpected combinations of famous collaborators. (Because you know that while Wynton Marsalis and Stephen Sondheim were sitting around one day, each in their own penthouse apartment, they individually thought "Who haven't I worked with in this city?" and, at the exact same moment, picked up the phone and called each other.)

East River, Manhattan, New York

"Whatever Americans may say about New York, it is the real America: here you have all the heights of American technology and all the smoky delirium of its oppressive, shining life."
--Ilf and Petrov's American Road Trip

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