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Michigan || Falling Rock Cafe

Susan and Ellen have never been called "badass" before--they had to ask us whether we meant it in a good way. (When we said it was good, they high fived.)

What they usually get called is "insane." These longtime pals are cycling across the country together. Ellen has been on the road since Oregon; she met up with Susan in Duluth, and their final destination is Boston. Their panniers are covered in patches--New Zealand, Denmark, Oklahoma--that prove this isn't their first rodeo. 

Oh, and did I mention they're both 60 years old?

According to these intrepid ladies, 60 is the perfect age to do what they're doing. Their partners can manage without them, their kids are grown, and they have all the time they need to plan, train and travel. 

We met them in Munising, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Before they headed into the Falling Rock Cafe to get some well-deserved ice cream, they made us promise to not to spend our golden years on our asses. They also dropped some hot life advice:

"You'll never be 'ready.' You just have to go.