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Missouri || The Automotive Mausoleum of Lyle Van Houtem

On an unobtrusive exit off US-36, in the town of Clarence, Mo. (population 813 as of last census)... Oil station, clarence, missouri

...lost travelers seeking a gas station will certainly find one.

MFA oil station, clarence, missouri

Just not the kind they were probably looking for.

Paraders, clarence, missouri

At the edge of Maplewood Cemetery, a perfectly preserved MPA filling station is home to a collection of 1950s-era vehicles:

Auto mausoleum, clarence, missouri

Two Ford-O-Matic Crestlines, a F100 custom cab pickup truck, a Galaxie 500, and an anachronistic Mercury Grand Marquis.

Sheriff car, clarence, missouri

All are staffed by mannequins costumed in various states of fancy dress (including three dressed as teddy bears in marching band uniforms.)

Auto mausoleum, clarence, missouri

Said to be the collection of one Lyle Van Houten, who in his youth pumped gas at this very filling station, the sphinx-faced mannequins are the closest thing to a sign of life visible for miles along this road.

Ford Crestline, clarence, missouri

...and that is about all I can think to say about it. (Besides, of course, the obvious.)

Mercury, clarence, missouri

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